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BMW E36/S54 Race Car Update

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

With the S54 fully installed and the EWS gremlins completely defeated, we finally got the car starting and running on her own. No direct power to the fuel pump cheat codes! It's going to be headed to the tuner in about a week's time so now the time crunch is on getting the new Avery Gloss Orange (SW900-373-O for you wrapping nerds out there) on the car.

Previously I've only ever wrapped some smaller interior trim bits in fake carbon because I really can't stand BMW's fake wood. That went... ok. This being my first ever attempt at wrapping a full car, I was a little intimidated. I watched WAY too many videos on YouTube when I should have been working and watching guys like Christian from CK Wraps have been extremely helpful, informative and most importantly - inspirational.

First Challenge: The Hood

Degree of difficulty: 6? mainly due to the hood pins

Time to "completion": About 4 hours - I took a lot of time to try and clean it as much as possible and even sand down a little of the previous body damage. But at the end of the day the hood is already wrinkled in places so hopefully the wrap covers that up a bit!

Step 1 - Cut to size

I am crazy when it comes to trying to conserve materials. I measured probably 4 times. I am trying to maximize how much coverage I can get out of my one precious roll of that beautiful orange. I know it's aggressive for a first timer but I'd rather lift, reshift and reuse as much as possible because I am extremely CHEAP and don't want to buy any extra if I don't have to.

Step 2 - Form the middle section

From what I could learn online you kinda sorta want to work middle out as to relieve the tension and you won't have excessive wrinkle and fingering moving outwards.

Step 3 - Work it to the edges

Edges are going to be a pain as I'm learning. I tried to us as little heat as possible. Those hood pins were in fact a complete and total PITA. Probably would have been best to take them out first? But I'm no bitch so challenge accepted!

Step 4 - Trim, cut, hide the seems

I was suuuper conservative in wrapping a full 1"+ underneath and around the edges because I didn't want anything peeling back. I figured its a race car so I don't really care too too much if it doesn't look as amazing with the hood popped. This is meant to look good going 100 from 100..

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